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Vantage Point Productions

Vantage Point Productions

Thomas Morlock
Owner + Creative Director

Let’s see… I’m a lifelong resident of Brookfield, CT. My wife Lisa and I have three kids under the age of 10, so yeah, we do a lot of laundry and keep the chicken nugget industry afloat. I went to UCONN where I majored in Graphic Design. I’ve always felt my design background is a great help organizing and constructing a wedding film.


Vantage Point Films

In 2005, Vantage Point Films sprung onto the wedding landscape — with a lot to offer and even more to learn! Over the past decade, we’ve developed a style that weaves the emotions of your unique love into the storytelling process — creating something that will truly move you. Along the way, we’ve forged relationships with some of the most talented and dedicated wedding vendors in all the land.

Our amazing team of videographers are hired for not only their talents, but also for their personalities. We always make it a priority to be personable and flexible with clients, venues, and other vendors. It’s a wedding after all… let’s all have some fun!


If it’s possible to narrow down our entire business philosophy into one sentence… that sentence would be, “We want to be invisible.” It’s been the cornerstone of our growth and the reason we continue to thrive in an ever-changing industry. Here’s the thinking behind it:

We’re invisible >> you forget we’re there >> you relax and have more fun >> real smiles make for better footage than fake smiles! >> your friends notice that we aren’t in your face all day >> they get engaged and call us >> the photographers like that we aren’t in all their shots and competing for their space >> they like us too and send referrals our way >> Yay, everyone wins!



Pre-Wedding: We’d like to learn as much as possible about your big day ahead of time. It gives us some insights into what, and who, you think are important parts of your day. Of course we know the who the main players are, but it’s always helpful to go over any special events or people that might be worth noting. Because it’s a live event, we like to get it right the first time!

Wedding Day: All of our equipment is small and mobile, enabling us to be quick on our feet and not draw a lot of attention to ourselves. As we blend in with the crowd, we’ll position ourselves to capture great footage while not interfering with your guests’ view. Because a photographer’s role includes shot lists and formal shots, we usually give them the reins and let them take charge in terms of timelines and locations.

Post Production: When we edit your wedding film, we try our best to make every film a custom work — taking into account your personalities and style when we make music and editing decisions. Of course we always welcome input in terms of music selection and any specific events you’d like including (or sometimes excluded!)

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